2011 Event Schedule

Feb 19-  AMA/D-14 Ice Race AMA Chaired by Jerryme Englund
May 1st  AMA Spring Run chaired by Carl Murat
Jun -24-  AMA Dirt Drags
Jun -25-  AMA/D-14 TT chaired by Rock LaNore (Cancelled)
Jun -25-  AMA Dirt Drags
Jun -26 –AMA/D-24 Hill Climb
July 15-17Club to display at Bike Time
Aug 5 –  AMA Dirt Drags
Aug 6-  Field Meet and
Aug 6-  AMA/D-14 Night Climb chaired by Jerryme Englund
Aug 7-  AMA/D-14 Hill Climb
Sept 16-AMADirt Drags
Sept 17-AMA/D-14 Hill Climb
Sept 17- AMA Dirt Drags
Sept 18-AMA/D-14 State Championship HillClimb