2011 Xtreme Ice Racing - Blanch Lake

Cancelled due to poor ice condition :(



Xtreme AMA Ice Race (CANCELLED)

February 19th, 2011 - Grant, MI - Fastest sport on ice!

We're kicking off the year 2011 with an AMA sanctioned race on ice! These racers modify their bikes with the sole objective of wining by being the fastest.

Modifications start with studded/spiked tires that provide more traction than a traditional tire on dirt or pavement, so much so that you'll swear they lay their bikes on their sides when cornering. Add a big bore 500cc two-stroke, or a 1200 Harley to the mix and you wind up with a power to weight ratio that only a maniac can understand. You'll see specially modified body parts to help tame the spray of ice-chips created by the immense horsepower grinding the studs into the ice.

This is great sport for spectators; some even call it a full contact sport. There will be a ton of fast paced action on Blanch Lake, in Grant, Michigan - February 19th, 2011

West Michigan hasn't had an AMA sponsored ice race since 1991 so we're pretty excited to bring the sport back to the area. Call Jerryme Englund 231-282-7061 for more info.

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