2008 Hare & Hound Event


We had a good turnout at the recent Hare & Hound event and fun was had by all.

Starting Campsite

The event started a little late with Todd Larabee substituting as the hare at the last minute. Todd left the Caryville staging area about 12:30. After a brief rider’s meeting and a 30 minute buffer, the riders headed out in pursuit of Todd. The object of the race being that the riders (hounds) try to catch Todd (hare) before he completes the race.

The ride was divided into three legs with a gas stop between each leg totaling about 50 miles. The Caryville trail is a great place to hold this kind of race because of the variety of trail types. There is single track sections not much wider than a pair of handlebars, ATV sections wide enough for a quad, and more open ORV trails which carried everything from dirt bikes, to ATVs, to dune buggies, to even horses.

Gas Stop

At the first gas stop, Todd had about 20 minute lead on the closest hounds – JR Davis and Willie Burgess. Within an hour or so of the leaders arriving at the gas stop, the rest of the hounds came through and started the second leg around Lincoln Hills just North of Caryville.

At the second gas stop, Todd came flying hoping to get in and out quickly thinking the leaders had closed in on him. He was right. Before he could pull out JR and Willie came in tagging Todd on his bike.

Everyone got back to the staging area by 5 or so and awards were handed out, the winners are as follows:

A Class - JR Davis
B Class - Jeramie England
Senior - Mike Hicks
Guest - Willie Burgess

Winners Circle