2008 Fall Two Day-recap

The 2008 Bridgeton Fall 2 Day was a bit wet, but that didn't dampen the spirits of the riders, workers and the spectators. While the crowd was a little smaller than on a sunny day, the ones that did attend had quite a show. The riders had a huge challenge, charging up a wall of wet clay that seemed to have the consistency of a thick milk shake.

While a few did make the full run, they did so by spraying the hill workers with large sticky chunks of wet clay. As a photographer I managed to add about 5 pounds to each foot simply by walking around a bit. Watching the hill workers I couldn't imagine how they could keep from sliding off the hill, let alone navigate to a downed bike and work it off the hill.

As if things weren't already very entertaining, at the end, some of the younger folks slide down the hill, jumped in and rolled around in mud puddles and tried to clean up in the creek. (check out the photos)

I think I'll go out of my way to go to rainy hillclimbs in the future.

Slippery Hill