2008 Pro Hillclimb

Pro Hillclimb

Pro Hillclimb July 20th - Camping July 18,19,20

In a small town, nuzzled up to one of the top beaches in the county, sits a small mountain with a very steep path leading nearly straight up. Once, about every 24 months a group of professional hillclimbers take the challenge, to see who can successfully thread the eye of a needle while rocketing up Mt. Garfield. Sounds too easy? Let's step it up and make these bikes fire breathing, nitro burning almost impossible to control, heck let's through a few, no three jumps in their path!

The Mt. Garfield Hillclimb is more than an exciting action event; it is also a 3 day motorcycling extravaganza! Complete with camping, food and many other vendors, campfires, field events, burn-out pits and live music.

There is also plenty to do around town, just check in with Muskegon's annual Bike Time!

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