Pro Hill Climb 2007

Paul Kopps

Don't miss it! Sunday July 22, 2007 in Bridgeton, Michigan at our 200 acre Dan Raymond Park. We have a 200' extremley steep and dificult hill appropriately named "The Wall". If you have never seen a Pro Hill Climb, you don't want to miss this! In this extreme sport, forty to sixty top professional riders compete as they launch their nitro charged, 200+ hp, motorcycles at a mountain of dirt with a steep 65 degree angle and two jumps. This is a timed event and the fastest rider up the hill wins. Riders typically run 100% nitro methane or racing fuel but new this year, they will be allowed to use nitrous oxide (the perfume of power), as seen on The Fast & the Furious. This can produce up to 250 hp.

The Muskegon Motorcycle club has been bringing Professional Hill climbs to Muskegon since 1921 and we host many amateur events at our Bridgeton location. This is the second year the club has held a professional hill climb in Bridgeton. Next years Pro Hill Climb will be held at the famous Mt Garfield in Muskegon, home to the first pro hill climb in the country. Bridgeton is only a short 20 minute ride from downtown Muskegon and you can join up with Mayor Steve Warmington, who will lead a ride from downtown to the Pro Hill Climb in Bridgeton. Dan Raymond Park in Bridgeton is also the official campsite of Muskegon Bike Time. Camping will be available from July 20 to July 22.Ticket and camping information will be available soon.