2007 Raffle Bike

Every year the Muskegon Motorcycle Club raffles off a new bike, this year it 's a 2007 Harley-Davidson Street Bob.

07 Raffle Bike

At first glance this looks like an old-schooler with nothing to lose. A blast back to when folks looking to boost mph stripped off or "bobbed" the shiny parts to make the motorcycle lighter. But the Street Bob takes it a step further. This is pure, distilled badass at its bare-knuckle best. A lip-snarled attitude wrapped around a new black powder-coated Twin Cam 96cc engine with six-speed Cruise Drive transmission. Chrome, Laced wheels. Factory ape-hangers. 4.7 gallons of Fat Bob tank to get you out of Dodge. And a solo seat. Because relationships can be complicated. The Street Bob. Two wheels, a motor, a seat and handlebar. Just the way the purists like it.

  • Tickets are $5 each or 5 Tickets for $20
  • Only 10,000 tickets sold!