2012 Spring Run


The Muskegon Motorcycle Club is proud to present the 92nd Annual Spring Run. For the uninitiated, the run attracts over 1000 riders that gather at our Mt. Garfield Club property located at 5803 Lake Harbor Rd, Muskegon, MI 49441.  (The same site for the 2012 National AMA Pro Hillclimb in August.)

The gates open Sunday May 6th, 2012 at 8am and riders begin to arrive from distances far and near. Friendships are made and renewed with everyone sharing a passion for the iron horse. Venders offer food and apparel, commemorative Spring Run pins are also available.

The actual run begins at 11am, or 11:30 if the weather is poor.  When the motorcycles leave the club, a continual line of motorcycles goes on for what seems like miles. The route is published in advance and lined with people that appreciate the thunderous-rumble and sites of this ground-shaking event, often taking pictures and videos.

The run is miles long and meanders through scenic areas; most intersections are blocked from other traffic to keep the bikes flowing along. The run ends at a gathering place where food and beverages are available, not to mention a very large informal bike show.